The Leader in Electronic Voting for Condominium Associations


Our secure voting portals facilitated tens of thousands of association member votes and streamed thousands of hours of board meetings in 2018.


Created by one of the top real estate attorneys in the nation, Ben Solomon, Esq., so your association can vote with confidence knowing the software fully complies with all current and applicable laws.


Increase Participation by Your Members While Saving Thousands in Costs


Getting unit owners to participate in voting events and establishing a quorum can be difficult. Condo.Voting makes it easy for your members to watch meetings online and cast their votes securely from anywhere in the world.

Our online voting participation averages around 80% versus what is often less than 30% with traditional methods and converts non-voting members into participants.

Save significant costs of printing, mailing, postage, and administrative time. Additionally, reduce meeting times by not having to inspect and count ballots.


Live Stream and Record Association Meetings

Live stream, record and share meetings. Post video messages, as well as YouTube and pre-recorded videos. All of your videos and recordings are stored on our secure servers in the cloud.


Verified Email System


Our verified email system tracks and confirms delivery of emails, records IP addresses, confirms no spam, bounce backs, or delays. The verification log evidences that your messages were in fact sent to your members. It also minimizes the risk of being identified as SPAM and sets the new standard for best practices in sending electronic notices and other email communications to members.


Survey Your Owners

See what your owners think about proposed ideas in real time. The survey platform offers multiple format options and provides you the ability to share the results..


Some Additional Features Include:


Legally compliant electronic voting engine for board elections and other voting events (designed by Ben Solomon, Esq. to comply with Florida law). Includes robust tracking system, voting code option, auto alerts and reminders, inspector cross reference tool, encrypted security, and other essential tools that will make the electronic voting process seamless.

Digital roster of members with Excel bulk upload feature. Manage consenting, non-consenting members and tenants by group.

Self-administered updates to the portal are made by your manager (no need for a graphic artist, webmaster, or any other IT professionals).

Customize the look and feel of the portal by adding your association’s logo, images, buttons, videos and other content (like newsletters, governing documents, contractor proposals, budgets, financials, rules, etc.) 

Cross link to management’s web platform, association’s website, or any other websites.

File storage system allows your association to archive and share important documents with your members


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Condo.Voting also complies with a Florida law authorizing associations to use electronic voting and send official notices via electronic transmission to consenting members. In addition, the software solves some major problems…



We offer an e-help desk for members and co-admin support for managers.

Our propietary software system provides the most user friendly experience possible for Managers and Members of the Association. Our servers are hosted in Microsoft’s Data-Centers which provide the most advanced infrastructure technology in the world, ensuring your secure online community channel and e-voting web portal is reliable and available to members at all times.

Our tools have been designed with you in mind and have 100% satisfaction rating from our clients.

Should you or your members ever need assistance, you can count on our top experts to assist you with any questions you may have. Our innovative staff of over 50 years combined legal, business and technology experience are equipped to handle any and all situations throughout the entire process with world class technical support.


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2017 Annual Election Meeting


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